Nobody Can Play With Your Feeling

They don’t treat you the same, That relationship of yours had to end 

If they talk about goddesses, surely you’re one of them. If there’s a wonderful woman, none’s like you. 

Smoke, go out and party, you live only once. You deserve a star from heaven at least 

Don’t Be Long Otherwise You’ll Be Left Behind. Make Use Of Your Time And Don’t Let Your Career Go 

He cries after he abandoned you. Now you don’t need him, because you’re better alone 

Go to the Disco, girl, forget the present. because only the death is sure, and you have suitors around

I Am The One Who ‘Desenmoña’ It And Smokes It. It’s Not My Fault I Rise Like Lathe 

U Want To Be Like Me But… You Fall Short. Your ‘Moniche’ Is Done (haha) You Come Up Short 

A guy like that is not enough for you anymore

If man were custom made. I’d write their Designers

Clear your mind, get out of the routine. Soon or later you’ll forget

You pretend to be strong, you live broken down 

Dress up, make yourself pretty, ‘cuz that’s what you need